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The premier heavy duty snow shovel. Wolverine Hand Tools are the best in the business. Hardened poly blades, fiberglass handle, and a poly D-ring. Both of these models are in-stock and ready for use. They are purchased 100% assembled and avoid all possibility of rot due to the fiberglass and poly manufacturing.

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27" Snow Pusher



18" Snow Shovel


Plow Stakes

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32_ Plastic Snow Stake.jpg
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48" Tall Fiberglass Stakes

-Durable, No-Rot Fiberglass Stake

-Pointed End for easier installation

-White Reflective strip for night

-Rubber cap keeps moisture out

Great for marking fire hydrants, curbs, dumpster pads, and other obstacles easily hidden by snow!

Only $1.20/Stake!

32" Plastic Stakes

-Extremely Flexible Plastic 

-Run over, they stand right back up!

-Cheap alternative to fiberglass alternative

-Innovative design, no splinters!

-Optional white tape sold separately

Amazing design allows for abuse to stake and will continue to stand tall!

Only $0.60/ Stake!

Steel Snow Stake Installer

-Hardened steel for extra durability

-Pointed End for easy ground penetration

-Powder Coated red for easy visibility

-Foot peg for extra leverage

You have to see it to believe it! The simplicity of this device is absolutely astonishing. Will cut your snow stake install time in half.